Create a dedicated mobile jobsite for each job, effortlessly

TrueJobs developed a website platform that makes it easy to quickly create a full mobile site around one job.

A typical site contains:

  • Detailed job descriptions with focus on the required skills and the location of the job and a testimonial of a colleague
  • A straight forward application form optimised for mobile devices
  • An about the company page with corporate video
  • A corporate culture page, where the candidate can test his/her cultural match with your company

See what your mobile website could look like:

Target candidates on Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn have the possibility to target candidates very precisely for a limited budget. We take care of your campaign:

  • Selecting the right audience by targeting on demographics, education, skills and interests
  • Copywriting
  • Continuous follow up to get the best conversion at the lowest rates
  • Reporting, so that you can learn from our experts

Big data services

If you receive more that 500 CVs every year, we can help you to find the best candidate faster.

  • Our matching toolbox automatically ranks CVs according to the skills you request in the job description.
  • Our culture test indicates what candidates will be the best cultural fit for your team